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Related article: Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 06:52:04 -0700 (PDT) From: TopLegal Subject: Advantage System: Part 5Advantage System: Part 5 ======================== By TopLegal WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental. (c) 2008, TopLegal. Permission is granted for distribution via Usenet and the Web provided that the following two conditions are met: there is no cost to access this story, e.g. AdultCheck, pay site, etc., and the story is posted in full without modifications. [Sorry fans, carpal tunnel keeps coming bck to bite me thus slowing story telling.]Adam ---- "Adam nice to meet in person," I said as I outstretched my hand to a well-known actor who walked into my studio for his first session. Adam's nervousness was palpable. "Sit down and tell me how I can help you." Adam glanced nervously around the room. "Look, I know I've made a lot of butt sex jokes." His eyes tried to avoid contact with my own as his voice trailed off. I waited silently. After ten minutes, he broke the silence. "I want it though." "Ok," I responded, "I can help with that. It will help me if I understand your fantasy better." I picked up a small pendant from a table by my side and began swinging it slowly. Lulling the nervous, but now somewhat relaxed Adam into a hypnotic trance was surprisingly easier than I expected. I took my time over the next hour getting the information I wanted out of Adam under a trance. Then, I decided to make sure he enjoyed his visit and had him unzip and jack himself to orgasm slowly. Very, very slowly. Three hours of slow stroking efforts under hypnosis at my direction resulted in a very satisfying orgasm. I cleaned him up and had him zip up before waking him from the trance. He came out of the trance looking relaxed and ready to pay me fifty thousand dollars for someone to come fuck him.Denial ------ Back in the house, Levy--who had claimed the advantage--decided to tie me up and jack me slowly using a fleshlight_. The bondage started with a straight jacket and was supplemented with ankle shackles. Finally the slow jacking began... _fleshlight http:// www.fleshjack.com/ice-jack/ The session lasted about four hours and was agonizingly slow. Levy took his sweet time keeping the fleshlight moving at all times. But never fast enough to let me orgasm until the very end. By an hour into the session I Preteen Loli was bucking insanely and had to be strapped to the bed. Shortly past that point, I began to scream out for mercy and release. I was then gagged. The remaining fewhours are a blur of pleasure and pain that resulted in a huge orgasm into the fleshlight. Next up, he fucked my ass hard and shot a massive load. Finished, he called out "Love." And left me restrained to the bed to fall asleep. In the morning, I was finally let go after he fucked me again and called out "advantage Jacob."Adam Returns ------------ It was another few days until Adam was due back. I decided to split his self-requested "faggot butt sex" experience across two sessions. The first session would be used to acclimate him to having his ass penetrated, the second to have him fucked. Also, this would buy me time to find someone to fuck him. Adam's distinctive voice and Hollywood presence would make protecting his identity difficult. Additionally, in several of Preteen Loli his films his characters had made anti-gay remarks. I settled on the use of a gag and ski-mask to hide his face and keep him quiet during the second session. Finding the right fucker was still going to be a challenge though. Then a thought occurred to me, a friend Ricky had just broken up with his boyfriend and was regularly trawling Craigslist for bottoms to fuck. He would be game for a semi-anonymous fuck and would not mind wearing a ski mask himself. Adam arrived early to his next visit and I had him undress immediately. His homophobia was palpable, but he resisted making a wisecrack. I led him into the play area and had him get up on an examination table with stirrups. I had hung a mirror over the top so he could watch himself get fucked by the dildos and buttplugs I was planning to use in the session. The first step though was to restrain his hands to his sides and his legs into the stirrups. Silence though. No complaints, no complaining, just submission. I put latex examination gloves on my hands and cleaned Preteen Loli his ass crack with soap and water followed by a mild alcohol wipe. Next, I lubed up his ass with a silicone lube and worked fingers into his waiting ass. Then the first complaints began to trickle forth. "Let me up faggot!" I slid my fingers out and inserted the first butt plug. He gasped and called out again, "Gay-bo let me the fuck up, I want out." I began to twist the plug and shove it in and out, all the while ignoring his pleas. Then I took my other gloved and lubed hand and began to stroke his cock gingerly. His complaints and cursing increased, as did the small erection that had started before my stroking. As I pulled out the first plug and switched to a small dildo he cursed louder, but his hard cock belied his pleas for the experience to end. As the anal assault on his ass continued with ever larger dildos, I began to whisper to him quite softly. "Adam," I would say stroking and pulling the dildo out, "when you come back next week for a real man to fuck you." I would pause and push the dildo back in, "you need to be quiet and focus on enjoying butt sex." Over and over again, I would time the thrusts with my whispered lecture. All the while stroking him ever so gently, but not enough to permit and orgasm. After two hundred thrusts with that cue, I switched to the largest dildo I was planning to use in the session and began whispering to him about fantasizing for the next week about how good it would feel to be fucked by another man. Preteen Loli Two hundred thrusts. Then it stopped abruptly without a release. "No orgasms," I said in the barest whisper as I untied him. "See you next week." He left without release. During the intervening week as Levy and I fucked like rabbits according to the rules of his advantage system, I convinced Ricky to participate in fucking my "movie star" client. When Adam returned for his third visit, I quickly had him strip and restrained him to the same examination table. A gag went on and then a ski mask in quick succession. I lubed his virgin ass, stroked his cock a small touch and then went to get Ricky. Ricky was wearing a ski mask already and was hard from watching a porno I had started him watching. He came in, checked out the restrained movie star and went to town. Through the gag, I could hear Adam attempting complaints, but they were muffled beyond recognition. Ricky's anal assault was intense and brutal. His cock was massive and he wasted no time in just ramming it in and out of Adam's tight virgin ass. There was no care given to Adam's sexual satisfaction, only Ricky's own. I finally backed Ricky off so that Adam's first butt sex would last longer forcing him to pull out and stroke Adam's cock for a while. Adam enjoyed that part the most, the hand jobs between the anal assaults. At my direction, the sex encounter stretched out to an hour and culminated in Ricky shooting a massive load into the condom while still inside Adam's ass. He pulled out and headed out without looking back. I freed one of Adam's hands so he could jack himself to orgasm. Only then did I untie him and remove the mask and gag. The following week Adam returned for his final debrief. He thanked me profusely and indicated that he wanted another go. In keeping with my policies I raised the price--$100,000--for another visit. He gladly accepted and insisted on paying $200,000. During the week leading up to the fourth visit, Levy got a promotion at work to district manager that involved a two-week trip to headquarters out of state. We negotiated that the advantage would not reset to love during his absence. Through a chain of events, that meant he left on a Sunday morning with me holding the advantage after a series of back and forth volleys including some intense bondage and sex in front of Chris and Marcus. Adam's return the following week was nice. Before Ricky entered this time, I numbed his cock with a gel and gave him a Viagra. A potent combination that would ensure an extended fuck. This time, Adam made no sounds through the gag and without me having to have Ricky pull back the fuck session lasted three hours. During that time, Ricky jacked Adam to orgasm twice and Ricky only orgasmed once. After excusing Ricky, I untied Adam and removed the mask and gag. "Thank you," he said standing and hugging me. That was the last I saw of him.Cycling ------- With Levy gone, Chris talked me into going motorcycle riding with him. I used Levy's Ducati and gear and we had some fun rides just around the outskirts of the LA area. Somewhere in those weeks, Marcus' modeling contract fell apart and Chris was back to beating Marcus on a regular basis. It was fun to watch Marcus come across the yards naked in the morning with a red butt, bruises on other parts of his body and cook naked to prepare Chris and me meals. Also in that period, I took on a new client who would push me past the edge and provide most anyone--including the doctors who certified I was fit to return to practice--concrete proof that I had lost all sense of right and wrong.Dean ---- [Dean is not the patient's real name nor the name of any characters he played. Dean was 20 at the time he first sought my help. I printed the report on Dean off the database. According to the report, Dean was making a million dollars an episode in a leading role on a major television series. The show had just finished several successful seasons and Dean was eying various movie roles. My hand reached for the phone, I pulled it towards my ear and dialed his number 310-xxx-xxxx. "Hello?" "Dean," I responded. "Dr. Levy here returning your message from yesterday. Can you talk for a bit?" "Um, sure. My friend Scott Xxxxx spoke highly of your ability to help people with thorny issues." "I consider myself quite expert at helping individuals such as yourself who find themselves in need of a personalized treatment plan." "Actually, Scott was quite vague about what you do. I had been bemoaning some sexual frustrations over a few drinks. He left me a black business card with your number and said to call you." "I have a tremendous number of quite satisfied clients. Can you give me some sense of what you want help with?" The phone seemed to go dead, but I stayed with the silence until Dean broke it, "I'm interested in experiencing extended chastity." The pause was deafening; however, I did nothing and waited for Dean. He continued, "I want to work up to eventually going probably six months without an orgasm. There are some other things I want to do, but that is the gist of it." "That sounds like something I can help you with Dean. Something like this will require a large number of sessions over the course of several months to make a success." "I know," he blurted out, "Scott said you were pricey for just one visit." I laughed, "I consider my prices quite fair for what I do." "How much?" "One million dollars for a session every week." More silence. "How about we do the first session free, if I'm satisfied you can help me, I will pay in full, in advance?" "Fair enough," I said, "see you at my home office tomorrow morning at ten am sharp. Ready to write down the address?" I heard fumbling in the background. "Ready." "1360 xxxxx, it's just off Sunset up into the Hollywood Hills slightly. At the gate just press the button and I will buzz you in. Just bring your car to the carriage house garage by the side. You can park in the open bay if you want. Either way, come into my office from the garage and we'll get you started." "Got it, is there a number other than your recording?" "No. I'll have some paperwork for you to sign before we get started and then we can have your first session." "Ok, see you tomorrow," he said before hanging up.First Visit Free ---------------- It was a relatively brisk day for Los Angeles when Dean pulled up to the gate and buzzed me a minute early. I buzzed him in and had his paperwork ready. * a request for a credit report with spaces to copy a driver's license and major credit card * consent agreement * release of liability * nondisclosure agreement * wire transfer instructions for $1,000,000 fixed fee consulting cost of fifty-two sessions I walked him through the agreements and indicated that anything past this visit would only occur upon completion of the wire transfer. It took us less than ten minutes to work through the forms. I made him copies and then invited him to relax in the zero gravity recliner. The chair really was perfect for hypnotizing clients. Preteen Loli "Relax Dean," I said. "My goal today is to find out during this visit exactly what you want and then we work out a game plan of how to help you experience it." "I've been reading all of these chastity stories online." "Where?" "Um, this site altairboy_.".. _altairboy http://www.tpe.com/~altarboy/ "Ok, when did you start reading the stories there?" "About a year ago, stumbled on it accidentally, and just got hooked." "What attracts you to the stories?" "The Preteen Loli thought of losing control like that." "Like what Dean? I need you to be quite specific to make sure I can help you." Slowly, I pulled the information out of him. My use of hypnosis on Dean was quite mild. He was eager to share his desire for chastity with me. As he did most of the talking, I took the opportunity to liberally explore his hot, muscular body. Dean offered no resistance to my exploratory touch. "Dean, let's be really clear," I intoned calmly. My mouth was right near his ear and I was speaking quite softly. My left hand had worked its way up his shirt. I was very gently caressing his left nipple as I whispered, "you are offering me a million dollars to force you into chastity and sodomize you with a dildo regularly?" He paused before responding, "yes." "There is also the matter of the Berlin trip and making sure you are publicly used as a sex toy." "That too," he said. His voice seemed to plea with me. "I've needed this for so long." "Here's my proposal: go home. Wire the money to me. Then, starting tomorrow, we'll do one week of chastity. Then one month. Then three months. And finally, six months. At the end of six months we will do the Berlin trip." "Can I please orgasm?" "No," I said as I pinched his nipple hard and twisted it. I elicited a gasp and a howl. "Let's check your measurements, stand up for me." He complied and took off his clothes for me. "Quick note Dean, that was the last time you wear clothes around me here. In the future you strip naked the second you enter my office. Got it?" "Sir," he responded. I put on some latex exam gloves and took out a tape measure. "No talking as we measure you Dean. Clasp your arms behind your head and stay absolutely silent while I jack you off." I applied some cold KY jelly to the glove as Dean lifted his arms up and clasped them behind his head silently. I began to gently stroke Dean's cockshaft with my gloved hand. "Yes, let's get you nice and flaccid for measurement. One word, one movement of your hands and I will flip you over my lap and spank you like a naughty boy." Before I finished the hand job, I took a few erect measurements of Dean's cockshaft. Preteen Loli Dean stayed stoically silent throughout Preteen Loli the hand job I delivered. I made sure to take my time with it though. As he shot, I filled his cum into a smallish test tube like vial. I sealed the tube quickly. "You'll be seeing that tube and that cum again tomorrow," I said cryptically. "Let's finish measuring you." I removed my gloves and took out a tape measure and began measuring him. I was certain that one of three Tollyboy_ belts I owned would fit him quite securely. If nothing else I could call the company and get a replacement cock sheath delivered within a few days that would be more precisely tailored to Dean's cockshaft... _Tollyboy http://www.tollyboy.com/Wire Transfer ------------- I had sent Dean home around four o'clock. It would be tight timing for him to get the wire transfer to me in time to start the next day. That was somewhat by design. Inside the house, I went up to my office. There, I found the most appropriate Tollyboy_ that I owned and a cock sheath that I felt would be satisfactory for a start. I also ordered a new belt for Dean. I then found two matching pieces of leather to make paired necklaces. The first one involved transferring his cum from the test tube to small cylinder a one centimeter tall by a quarter of a centimeter in diameter. I then used a small blowtorch to seal the open end shut. I took out a nice polished stone that had an opening in it for the vial to slide in. As designed the stone would keep the vial visible through a vertical slit about an eighth of a centimeter wide and nearly a full centimeter in height. Basically, this stone would put his cum-in-a-vial on display. I attached the stone to a leather lanyard that I would cut to length. For the next year, Dean would be wearing his cum on display on his neck. I took another identical lanyard and attached the key to the chastity belt and fitted the lanyard to my neck. I then put the key around my neck where it would stay for the next year. At nine o'clock, confirmation of the wire transfer rolled in. Dean had apparently decided he was ready to experience his fantasy.Chastity -------- When Dean arrived, he stripped naked quickly. I led him to the play area where the Tollyboy_ was waiting for him. "A new one is on order that will more precisely match your measurements, but this will do." I quickly attached the cock sheath and then the belt. He was locked in. "A week starts now," I said and then I sat down on a chair. "Come here boy," I said firmly. He approached, unsure. I grabbed him by the ear and pulled him over my lap. "Time to sodomize your ass." I put a glove on my hand, lubed his ass and began fucking him with a dildo. He moaned appreciatively at first and then as the dildo continued to penetrate him, realized his predicament. He was locked up with no room for his cock to even expend. "Up," I said unceremoniously. "Keep the dildo in your ass and walk over to the shelf and get me a riding crop." He stood and walked to the shelf where a riding crop hung from a single peg. He came back and handed it to me. "Over my lap again boy," I said. "The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate my dominion over you." With that, I began to strike Dean over and over with the riding crop as he howled in agony over my lap. To his credit, he did not attempt to get up, roll away, or block my punishment. For that, he got deep red welts that would last until his release a week ahead. When I finished, I forced him to sit on one knee like a little boy and cry against my shoulder. Then I kissed him on the forehead and told him I would see him in a week and sent him packing.Levy Returns ------------ Levy returned a day or so after my session with Dean and horny as hell, I tied him up, whipped him with a riding crop sorer than I had whipped Dean and then fucked him twice in quick succession declaring advantage Dean on finishing. He quickly turned the tables and whipped me with the crop until my entire backside from my calves to my shoulder blades were bright red and then fucked my brains out. Ah, love.Release1.0 ---------- Dean faithfully returned a week later. You could tell from his strained expression that a week of the chastity belt had taken its toll. "Your new belt came in," I said nonchalantly as I led him back to a table where I was about to restrain him, face--and cock--up. The red lines from the previous week's riding crop session were still clearly visible as he climbed onto the table and lay down. I quickly restrained him to the table at a number of points and then unfastened the chastity belt. "So Dean, here's the thing today. You will get no relief until I get the truth." He looked at me confused. "You did not just start reading chastity stories online," I said firmly, "but rather I believe you have had these fantasies for quite some time. I want to know where they started." I put on a glove and then lubed Dean's cock. My motions on his cock head were light and supplemented by a feather in the other hand. As he began to squirm, I continued. It took only ten hours of painful orgasm denial to get at the truth. His fantasies had started with a story about a chastity slave he found in his dad's Penthouse magazine. Though the story was about a female slave. He had fantasized about this story since he was nine years old. He still had a copy and I told him that he was to surrender it to me if he ever expected to have another orgasm after this one. Then, unceremoniously, I brought him to a quick climax and quickly threw an ice-cold towel over his crotch to take away any pleasure from the climax. The new chastity belt was affixed less than thirty-seconds after the climax and I untied him and forced him over my lap to be sodomized with the dildo again. He asked me to whip him again with the riding crop and I complied taking extreme pleasure to cause him to wince and scream and writhe, all the while never interfering with my blows. As he sat on my knee crying afterwards he confessed his need to have his mouth and ass used to be happy and I explained I would help him get there.Write the Author ---------------- These stories are e-mail'ware, show your appreciation by dropping some feedback (in English) to the author at toplegalyahoo.com. Check out my other stories at .$$
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